Over 4 metres in diameter and several thousand holes made with extreme precision – that is just one of the elements of the target piece of equipment.

Companies from Ostrowiec have employed specialists and fight for contracts. They are not afraid to take up difficult challenges. Another sophisticated metallurgical product will leave Ostrowiec in the coming days.

It turns out that in difficult moments on the market, companies from Ostrowiec are willing to cooperate and comprehensively complete major orders throughout the country.

In the last few weeks, “Grant” production halls have seen intensive work on the manufacture of a cascade evaporator for the purposes of Zakłady Papiernicze Stora Enso. The product is very complex and only plants with sufficient technical potential can manufacture such a piece of equipment. Today, under free market conditions, it is the only chance for them – to take up difficult tasks. “The choice of Grant for the manufacture and installation of the cascade evaporator was not accidental”, says the owner of Kowpol, Wiesław Kowal. “We have been cooperating with Grant for many years and evaluate this cooperation very positively and that is why I have chosen this company to build this complex piece of equipment”.

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